Techspace Scales and Simplifies Security with Industry-Leading Technology

Techspace is on a mission to build a global tech platform where scale-ups can shape a better future. The UK-based provider of coworking spaces supports growing tech companies by offering sustainable, flexible work spaces that adapt to their members’ growth. With space for more than 2,000 members across London and Berlin, and more plans for expansion, Techspace requires a cybersecurity infrastructure that provides best-in-class security and allows for maximum scalability. 

Building a Scalable Security Solution

Since launching in 2012, Techspace’s IT footprint has grown significantly. In 2018, the company teamed up with Optec to help it improve its overall strategy for IT networking and enhance its cybersecurity efforts. Techspace was looking for a single partner to deliver all of their cybersecurity technology and support across its six locations in London and Berlin. Ideally, all of the security technology would be integrated, as well. 


Optec worked closely with the Techspace team to understand the unique challenges of the coworking space business and develop a custom cybersecurity framework that would add value to the company. The team decided the best approach was to implement an integrated security solution using Fortinet’s industry-leading technology. Optec led the implementation and built a cybersecurity infrastructure for Techspace’s four London locations, leveraging Fortigate next-generation firewalls seamlessly integrated with secure access points and automation-driven network management. The new security architecture provided Techspace with an efficient, scalable and fully supported solution across multiple locations. 

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Techspace’s new architecture is its flexibility. With Fortinet’s best-of-breed technology and Optec’s second-to-none support, Techspace can easily bolster specific security elements in the future to evolve with its business.

A prime example is when a few months later, Techspace engaged Optec to reassess its network architecture. The Optec team spent two days on-site and quickly made several adjustments to the network to improve stability. At the same time, Optec installed its network monitoring solution to provide around-the-clock monitoring of Techspace’s infrastructure and quickly address any issues as they arise. In fact, the Optec team recently intervened on a network outage at one of Techspace’s locations, which was caused by the ISP’s faulty equipment. Optec initially noticed the issue and quickly responded to get the network back online.

Looking to the Future

As Techspace continues to scale, so does its relationship with Optec. Techspace now has a scalable, comprehensive security solution that is continually monitored and makes adding security products and services very easy. By partnering with single, trusted provider to deliver these best-in-class technologies and support, Techspace not only benefits from economies of scale, but also reliable protection from whatever comes along. 

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