White Paper: Email Security that Matters at the Macro-Security Level

We recently wrote about the growing importance of email security and protection, and the fact that 90% of cyberattacks are now being perpetrated via email. For today’s enterprises, email security is a key concern and a major component of a robust cybersecurity strategy. 

As the threat landscape continues to expand, IT leaders are faced with new security challenges. However, all too often, cybersecurity leaders overlook email security in favour of endpoint and network security solutions. Yet, email continues to be one of the biggest threats facing the modern enterprise and a successful attack can have dire consequences. In 2019, bad actors successfully installed more malware through email than any other method, which also serves as the first attack vector in multistage attacks. 

In today’s always-connected environment, traditional email security approaches, especially those segregated from the broader security infrastructure, are no longer enough. As a result, organisations quickly find themselves in a constant reactive mode, unable to keep pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape and the new challenges of digital transformation. 

Download Fortinet’s guide to learn how today’s IT leaders are taking a next-generation approach to email security that breaks down silos, significantly improves email security, and proactively protects your data.

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