Cyber Threat Assessment Programme

Get the Facts on your Email Security and Performance

Quantify the amount of malicious and risky emails reaching your users

Are you concerned that 92.4% of all malware and 49% of successfully installed malware was delivered by email (Verizon, 2018)? Do you know how much unwanted email employees still need to sift through to find legitimate communications? Get the facts about your email risk by enlisting our expert guidance.

What is an Email Risk Assessment?

An Email Risk Assessment will validate your email’s current security effectiveness. One of our Fortinet experts will use FortiMail Cloud in BCC mode after your current email filtering is completed to continue looking for spam, adult content, known malware and other at-risk messages. After several days of gathering information, you will receive a Cyber Threat Assessment report divided into three main sections:

  • Security Risk – Identify threats that have bypassed existing email security defences, regardless of whether known or unknown.

  • Productivity – Learn more about the spam, newsletters and even adult content that may be reaching inboxes.

  • Utilisation –  Understand whether your organisation appears to be at greater risk than the average, what the user experience and bandwidth use looks like, and more

Obtaining an Email Risk Assessment Report will give you a critical and quantified assessment of your current email security posture.