Power & Connectivity Solutions from Tripp Lite

Safely power and connect your electronic devices with our range of solutions from Tripp Lite. Tripp Lite manufactures more than 4,000 products to connect the computers, networking equipment and electronic devices that form your connected world. On the desktop or in the data centre, Tripp Lite products are the ideal solution to ensuring always-connected, highly secure devices.

UPS Systems

Power Distribution Units

Rack Solutions

UPS Systems

Whether supporting a single desktop PC, a home theatre or a rack of servers, Tripp Lite’s UPS battery backup systems provide enough power to outlast most outages and can automatically shut down computers gracefully during extended blackouts.

Desktop UPS Systems

Designed for home and small office applications, desktop UPS systems provide protection against power problems such as blackouts, surges and line noise interference.

  • Ranges from 350VA to 1500VA operation
  • Select models feature surge protection over tel/network lines
  • Most models include a built-in communication port that works with free PowerAlert software

Network/Server UPS Systems

Line-interactive network/server UPS systems provide automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to keep equipment working through low-voltage and high-voltage conditions without draining battery power.

  • Ranges from 500VA to 5000VA operation
  • Select models include switched outlet banks that can be controlled independently, optional external battery packs for extended runtime and/or accessory card slot for an SNMP card to enable remote monitoring and control. 

Mission-Critical UPS Systems

True on-line UPS systems provide mission-critical equipment with the highest level of protection available. Double conversion UPS technology continuously  converts incoming AC power into filtered DC power, then resynthesises back into AC power with a pure sine wave.

  • Ranges from 750VA to 20KVA operation
  • Select models feature hot-swappable battery replacement
  • Zero transfer time to battery backup keeps networks up and running when a blackout occurs
  • Built-in slot for SNMP network interface and relay card for remote monitoring and control options.
For loads from 10kVA to 400kVA, a full range of 3-Phase UPS Systems is also available. 


Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Network-grade PDUs have multiple outlets to distribute power to servers and networking equipment within a rack. Choose from PDUs with local or remote monitoring, remote power management, automatic transfer switching for power redundancy, and hot-swap capabilities.

Basic PDUs

Tripp Lite basic PDUs provide a reliable, no-frills power distribution solution for all network applications at an affordable price.

  • Basic single-phase PDU models support several different input voltages and amperages to cover a wide range of network power needs
  • Reliable in-rack power distribution with multiple outlets and secure monitoring
Monitored PDUs

Tripp Lite’s monitored PDUs provide remote monitoring and single- or 3-phase power to network devices.

  • Built in ethernet interface helps monitor load levels to prevent overloads that cause downtime
  • Ideal for data centres and network closets

PDUs with automatic transfer switching (ATS) enable power redundancy for single-cord devices.

  • Dual AC inputs connect to primary and secondary power sources
  • Internal circuitry automatically switches to the secondary source if the primary source is unavailable or unreliable
Hot-Swap PDUs

Hot-swap PDUs enable live replacement of standard UPS systems for maintenance with no interruption of connected server or networking loads.

Metered PDUs

Tripp Lite metered PDUs offer real-time local reporting of current levels in amps. Built-in digital meters help preserve proper load balancing and prevent circuit overloads as equipment is added.

  • Reliable rack-mount, multi-outlet single- or 3-phase power distribution from a UPS, generator or mains input power source
  • High-quality design includes rugged all-metal housing and secure rack-mount installation with included mounting accessories

Switched PDUs

Tripp Lite switched PDUs provide single- or 3-phase power, advanced network control and remote power monitoring

  • Individual outlet control in real time or via pre-set programme for remote reboots
  • Automatic alerts when load levels exceed user-defined thresholds, preventing downtime before it happens
  • Ideal for data centres and network closets

Rack Solutions

Tripp Lite racks provide secure housing and organisation for up to 58U of rack-mount equipment—servers, routers, UPS systems, switches, audio/video. The sturdy steel frames are safe homes for the indispensable devices that keep business running.

Floor-Standing Racks

Organise and secure networking storage and telecom equipment in data centres and server rooms. wide range of heights, widths and depths support diverse applications. Installation is simple with quick-adjusting rails, locking doors, modular side panels and toolless mounting slots.

Open Frame Floor-Standing Racks

Open frame racks consist of mounting rails without sides or doors, typically used in applications that do not require rack-level physical security and do not need airflow control. The open design facilitates cable routing and access for networking applications, with ample space for organisation and mounting.

Wall-Mount Racks

Designed to be attached to a wall, these smaller, yet equally tough cabinets save floor space in areas that cannot accommodate floor-standing enclosures. Select models feature a hinged wall bracket to allow the rack to swing away from the wall for easy access to equipment and cables.

Open Frame Wall-Mount Racks

Built for applications that do not require physical security, open frame wall-mount racks provide excellent airflow and easy access to wiring in small, but secure locations. Expandable models adjust to specific needs and come in a variety of depths to fit any space.

Comprehensive Power & Connectivity Solutions

We offer a wide-range of Tripp Lite products to keep your devices powered up and securely connected. 

Cables & Connectivity

  • Copper & fibre networks
  • AV & digital signage
  • Power cords & custom cables
  • Computer & storage

USB & AC Charging

  • USB chargers
  • USB car chargers
  • Charging stations

KVM Switches

  • Desktop
  • Rack-mount
  • LCD rack-mount consoles
  • Remote access IP

Surge Protectors

  • Premium Isobar™
  • Protect it!™
  • Audio/visual
  • Rackmount

Power Inverters

  • Inverters
  • Chargers

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